Life and Work of a Marvellous Storyteller (The) (Peyo and the Smurfs)

Life and Work of a Marvellous Storyteller (The) (Peyo and the Smurfs)

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Auteur: PEYO

ID: 4370832785547

Éditeur: Eleroy

Catégorie: Tirages de tête / spéciaux

Série: Schtroumpfs



Johan and Peewit, Steven the Strong, Poussy, Jacky and Célestin ... These characters, heroes and animals sprung from the pen of Pierre Culliford, or Peyo as he is known. Peyo's work is certainly famous for the Smurfs but it isn't limited to that alone - far from it. For the first time, this work allows us to discover all the facets of this artist thanks to the reproduction of two hundred original works. We also pay homage to this discreet and modest man whose life was one of universally popular stories and tales, of images that have struck a chord in the hearts of over three generations of children and adults across the world. "As well as a remarkable story teller, Peyo is also a meticulous and perfectionist illustrator as well as a great storyboarder, putting all his energy into the tale and setting the scene. Most people know Peyo through animation and his cartoons, which is far from the whole story. This work helps to bring to light the many facets of the graphic work of this great artist."

Smurfs / Schtroumpfs